YGO: Glowing Puzzle Yami

4: Green - New Life Growing, A Fresh Start

So...yeah. Since I am trying to make a great deal of changes to my life anyway, I might as well make it my resolve to actually update regularly. It'd at least be somewhat productive. Funny I'm thinking on doing such things at 1.20am in the morning. This is normal for me though, I can never just go to sleep after a long shift at work. And tonight was hard going. Really, I complain and yet it's so hard to be motivated to actually look for other work. I suspect I'm resisting leaving my comfort zone. I shall have to fix that.

The pay is something I can't complain about mind you. I was able to get some bargain series from HMV to add to the pile of stuff I want to watch when I actually have time. Then there's the manga I've got coming too. Like I have anymore space...

I'll be setting up that selling post though once preparations are made. I really need some more space cleared in my wardrobe, so why not make a little money considering how much I put into this collection. Sadly I know some weren't that great, or I won't pick them up again, but this is for the best, more room for new stuff! Let's see if I can follow through...
S.A: Sleepy Hikari

3: Yellow - Golden Glow of Dreams

Eck, just one of those days where I had free time and yet failed to get anything done. Strange mood swings I have, oh yes.

Must try to catch up with tags tonight, as well as do some writing. Next post hopefully will have some body of fiction or poetry in it, if I can sort out which ideas to start with. And when my inspired soul wins over my procrastinating body.

Also, need to send in that job app. I'm getting sick of working night shift, and they won't let me change, even though I've done it for three years. I want my life back, thank you! However, this whole nonsense about holiday planning, and saying due to company policy I have to work even though I said I would be staying with my Gran, that is last straw.

Ah, and essays, can't forget those, even if I wanted to...¬_¬ At least presentations went well I think. One has yet to be graded, but the other got a A5, which I am quite proud of. ^^

Chbs: Chii - Can't Fight the Moonlight

2: Orange - The Sun Setting Slowly

Well, I certainly have my work cut out for me. Tuesday I'm due to give a presentation on the gothic for my Romantic tutorial, as well as have my essay on Blake. Then I have to do the same of 19th Century American Literature on Friday, present on slave narratives and Melville, and have an essay on Hawthorne. Busy busy, and time is ticking. I'll have to work myself into a tizzy to get this done. Still, I often enjoy this stuff once I get into it.

Ah well, at least I have roleplaying as Tsubaki on SH to distract me for a bit. ^^


SE: Aww Kid's Blushing~

1: Red - Shy Blushing Intro

...And here boys and girls, is what we shall find at the end of the rainbow, or mine anyway.

Feeling  a bit silly here, but hey, nothing ventured, nothing gained. Welcome to my pretty crystal spectrum where you'll find me occassionally ranting, squealing and shining with every colour I can. I try to be as creative as possible in all things, but I don't always succeed. Still, I have fun, and brighten things up, least I hope. <3~

Hopefully I will make sense to some people anyway, though I tend to ramble pointlessly. Ah well, best wishes to you all, enjoy you're rainbow.~