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9: Amber - Warning Lights

Just counting it down now. One more week and I'll have holiday time off work! \o/ Thank God too, it's been a nightmare these past few weeks. I'm coping but it's taken it's toll on things. I just have to keep telling myself this is a part time job, it's not my career. I hope I'll be able to see progress on that sooner rather than later.
It's just hard going, the way things are I know finding work isn't getting much easier, and my family are nudging me about my age. So...when did twenty two going on twenty three qualify as being old? Or spefically too old to be only just getting my first full time job? Maybe I'm idealistic, but I'm not getting a job for the sake of it, just to say I've got one. Particularly not one that pays less than the part time one I have now, or where I know I'll be miserable. Tesco is not perfect, but after five years, it's familiar, I can deal with it.

I can just do what I can for now. I have enough to look forward to at least. Evita in a couple of weeks, then Avenue Q and Legally Blonde. Really, for now I can't complain.~
Tags: avenue q, evita, job hunt, legally blonde, musicals, stress, tesco
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