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8: Crimson - Stupid Red Postbox

So yeah, who knew there were limits to the postal service in certain places? Not me. I have a parcel I'll need to have mum drop off on Monday, and hopefully it'll be shipped, since the place in Hillhouse said they can't take something that big, but Hamilton branch can? I know not the logic in that. I could have got up and took it to Burnbank five minutes down the road, but I'm quite sure they're overcharging me. Of the three places I've used to ship manga they always go over the estimates I make, while the other two are usually around the right amount. I'm not taking chances with this parcel anyway, since it's the biggest I've posted yet. And going to the U.S, also the most expensive. Oh well, I've let the person know via comment, so hopefully she'll understand.

Regardless, I can't do anything until then, since there is no postal service on Sunday. I might have been alright if most branches didn't shut half day on Saturdays, but thems the breaks. At least most of my stuff is being shifted, so hopefully I'll have the space cleared out soon. Meanwhile I know I should get job related things done before my parents get all moody and start interrogating me again.

Then there's RP. I've had too much fun messing around with Nice in my musebox and watching Slayers anime seasons so much so I ordered the Try and Evolution - R immediately when I was paid yesterday, as well as general busy times distracting me from SH and Poly. I can make up the posts I'm sure, I just need to get my ass in gear and not procrastinate on posting and tagging. Least of all by my silly idea of writing up stupid little reviews for all the anime I've gone through over the last month. No one will read them, and it's only for my own personal amusement anyway. Still, might motivate me into writing more again. I've got poems I should probably put up on my writing journal as well.

I shall try to convince myself to get this stuff done! If all goes well, the only thing left to deter me of a good day tomorrow is if Father Matthew messes things up for the Children's Liturgy again.
Tags: anime, childrens liturgy, fandom: slayers, muse: nice, polychromatic, reviews, roleplay, selling stuff, sorting hat
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