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Yeah, sleep, what is that?

Since I spent enough time getting all that stuff set up for my sales post, clearly it's normal stay awake, even when I know I have to get up tomorrow to go shopping. Oh well, at least I got something done with my day off work. Hopefully once this bank business with Paypal is sorted I can put up my ad and move some of this manga. I've looked up what I need to know for packaging and shipping, so it shouldn't be too difficult, fingers crossed. If all goes well, I might put up some of my magazine anthologies too, someone's bound to collect them right?

Still, while I got that sorted, I kind of failed with RP again. Activity check is going to be a close call this month...

Let's see, good news of late: Capcom have changed from a 'no' to 'we'll think about it' apparently thanks to fans for AA. I'll be patient and wait and see, it's not like they could get it out anytime soon anyway, the localization takes time.

I also checked up on things and looks like Black Butler will be getting a region two release. Thank you, no unnecessary importing! I did think it odd it wasn't picked up sooner, but oh well, at least it's coming.

On a sadder note:
R.I.P Tokyopop
You gave me some of my first series and fandoms, and I will be forever grateful. I am just sorry you weren't allowed to carry on because the moron in charge didn't do the responsible thing and pass you on to someone who cared, and instead chose to act like a bratty kid and tossed you aside because he got bored. Still, I may hurt less than others since the European branches are still open and working as far as I can tell, though I don't know if that means they'll be able to publish new volumes of existing ongoing series, or if the licences will need to be picked up by someone else. I'll have to hold my breath there and hope that I will be able to get more Hetalia and Kyou Kara Maou!.

Well, maybe I shall distract myself by focusing on getting through my anime pile. Next is either Code Geass or Ghost in the Shell. Hmm, wonder if they'll be able to top the Ray Charles assault to my ears brought by Metropolis?
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