June 22nd, 2011

YGO: Glowing Puzzle Yami

11: Lime - Kinda Close to Lemons

So yeah, spending a good extra twenty minutes in the bathroom attempting to scrub purple dye off my feet; not what I expected to do today. It was my own fault mind you, I should never have worn those felt lined shoes when it was raining so heavily. Of course it was going to bleed onto me, and of course, I wasn't wearing socks.

That tangent makes my weirdness almost normal in comparison. Key word being almost.

I have a family dinner tonight to celebrate my gran's birthday, which shall be nice. I've done all the housework so I just have to dry my hair and tidy up my room. Of course I'm not as motivated to act with all the crazy tagging I've been doing of late for The Love Hotel. Honestly, how does a muse like Amelia from Slayers bring out my enthusiasm for smut? I'm apparently just bizarre I guess, not that I was unaware of that.

I really should just get things done, it'll save me wasted hours checking my inbox for notifs for those threads Why am I so impatient?!, not to mention stopping me from thinking up more idea's for posts. ¬_