June 10th, 2011

PTT: Raven Prince Fakir

10: Gold - Faint Glitters in the Dust

Well, that was not how I wanted to spend a good chunk of my first Friday off work in ages; paranoid and aggravated out of my mind. I spent the majority of the day worrying I would miss the stupid courier that was taking so long to bring the bag I got mum for her birthday. Thankfully it turned up, so I won't have to apologise to her on Sunday. And I've spent the last two hours fighting to get the internet working again, even though it's still glitching now and again. The connection had one of it's fail moments, but I think my laptop might be on the way out too. It's lasted for five years after all, might be worthwhile looking into a new one for my birthday in a couple of months.

The only little release I had earlier was getting my eyebrows done, now looking as nice as my newly cut and dyed hair. It takes forever, but the end result is worth it. Still, lucky I got all this done just as I got paid. I still have to buy Avenue Q and Legally Blonde tickets. Mike better have that money if he wants his friends to go with us or else.

Speaking of shows, Evita was amazing! At the start I was rather unsure, but I was won over. I probably like it for different reasons than other shows, but then again it is very different. It's almost operatic in the lack of dialogue, so it's shorter than other performances due to the constant singing in everything. No wonder, it must be exhausting. As per Andrew Lloyd Webber, I enjoyed the variety in the music, and how it shows different sides to all the characters. Political stories are hard to pull off without leaning too much on one side, but I was pleased to have mixed feelings towards Eva. Yes she obviously made a big impact, but her methods and motives are questionable, and she could be quite bitchy and manipulative to get what she wanted. This is probably what made her death more poignant at the end, at least for me.

And now I have to buy the soundtrack, of course.