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Here are all the items I am selling from my collection of anime, manga and general swag. Sadly I don't have infinite space to store everything, and since I keep getting new stuff, I need the room. This may be good for you guys though, since it means items may go fairly cheap. Anyway, here are some basic guidelines.

The Items

  • All items were bought either in stores, at cons, or online at Amazon, RightStuf or Play, so everything is genuine and in good condition.

  • All manga volumes are in English.

  • Starred (*) items indicate a completed series.

  • Some of these items have mature or explict content, so I may ask for proof you are over eighteen years of age.

Purchases and Prices

  • Serious Buyers only please.

  • All questions and inquiries should be posted in a comment on this entry. All comments are screened, and after transactions are complete, will be deleted.

  • If you require further pictures of items you're interested in, just ask.

  • Open to trades if offered, just link your sales post and I'll take a look and see if I find something I like. However I may request extra images of items before deciding to make a deal.

  • Willing to haggle on prices if initiated. Discounts for multiple purchases.

  • Feel free to ask about items on hold, they might free up for you if the original buyer changes their mind or fails to get in touch with me over the designated period of time I specified.

  • Please respond within three days of comments, otherwise I will allow other people the chance to purchase the items in question.

  • Payment via Paypal only please. Payments should be sent as a gift, and buyers will have to pay any fees from Paypal.


  • Willing to ship internationally.

  • Based in the U.K, so all prices will be in British pounds {£}.

  • Items will be shipped once I have received payment. After your items are shipped, I am not responsible for them.

  • No refunds or returns.

  • Please leave feedback once you have received your items.

If you have further questions, just ask in this post.


Shonen Ai/Yaoi

Nothing available at present, please check again at a later date.


20141226_220538 20150211_171612
Phantom Thief Jeanne vol.5 ~ Voice Over! Seiyu Academy vol.8: £3 each


Nothing available at present, please check again at a later date.


Region One Discs

Nothing available at present, please check again at a later date.

Region Two Discs

Nothing available at present, please check again at a later date.

Games/Anime Soundtracks

What's Cooking? - Jamie Oliver ~ Animaniacs - Lights Camera Action! SOLD
Harvest Moon - Island of Happiness Pokemon Ranger - Guardian Signs SOLD
Outlaw Star: £4 Mushishi SOLD


Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle Wallscroll: £10

Buyers who spend £15 or more total (includes shipping expense) will get their choice of one free CD or Game on sale OR a discount on the purchase of a DVD.

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