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5: Pink - Coming Up Roses, maybe?

Well, that was unpleasant. Things conspired against me quite a bit there. After LJ had fixed itself and I could get on to do things, what happens? Virgin Media blanks our connection for half a week, lovely. I managed to get into town and use a university library computer (relieved I still managed to get in despite my break from attending) and update RP folks on the situation, as well as reading on VM forums that the problem was fairly wide spread. I wouldn't mind so much if they had just admitted they were having problems and struggling to fix things, but no. They take forever and still try to make out it might be a problem on our end. Hey idiots, we wouldn't be calling you up if turning off the modem and router then switching it back on worked! I just give them too much credit I suppose, after all it's damn obvious their call centers are in India.

At least it's fixed I suppose, for now, fingers crossed. I'm not even going to snark over it pretty much being sorted right after I trail into Glasgow for internet access, I'm just glad it's sorted out. Wouldn't be so much of a hassle if the public libraries didn't have those stupid filters blocking any website where you're allowed to type something in mind you. Oh well, I needed to buy new headphones anyway.~

Still, I can get down to sorting out selling some stuff off now hopefully, since I have a lot more coming in this week. One good thng about that internet fail was it let me catch up and watch some films and series I've had sitting around for ages. I can give more details later when I get through the rest, and I plan on writing up a fandom post to keep up with my list of stuff I've seen and whatnot.

Speaking of which, a bitter note before I finish this entry...

Capcom, listen to your fans and customers. Don't make me regret paying for a 3DS. Don't take away one of the two series that got me interested in games. I've signed that petition because I don't get anything out of mainstream games that are all about combat. I signed because I don't play first person shooters or fighting games, and I rarely have the time to indulge in RPG's. I play stuff that follows intriguing characters and well written stories, and let's face it, there isn't a lot that fits that criteria. Don't dismiss something that is different and broadens your demographic just because it might not be as viable as more popular genre's. I'm still hoping and waiting, so please listen.

Localise Ace Attorney Investigations 2! And Professor Layton vs Ace Attorney while you're at it!
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