SK: Ren - Standing Strong

~S A L E S P O S T~

Here are all the items I am selling from my collection of anime, manga and general swag. Sadly I don't have infinite space to store everything, and since I keep getting new stuff, I need the room. This may be good for you guys though, since it means items may go fairly cheap. Anyway, here are some basic guidelines.

The Items

  • All items were bought either in stores, at cons, or online at Amazon, RightStuf or Play, so everything is genuine and in good condition.

  • All manga volumes are in English.

  • Starred (*) items indicate a completed series.

  • Some of these items have mature or explict content, so I may ask for proof you are over eighteen years of age.

Purchases and Prices

  • Serious Buyers only please.

  • All questions and inquiries should be posted in a comment on this entry. All comments are screened, and after transactions are complete, will be deleted.

  • If you require further pictures of items you're interested in, just ask.

  • Open to trades if offered, just link your sales post and I'll take a look and see if I find something I like. However I may request extra images of items before deciding to make a deal.

  • Willing to haggle on prices if initiated. Discounts for multiple purchases.

  • Feel free to ask about items on hold, they might free up for you if the original buyer changes their mind or fails to get in touch with me over the designated period of time I specified.

  • Please respond within three days of comments, otherwise I will allow other people the chance to purchase the items in question.

  • Payment via Paypal only please. Payments should be sent as a gift, and buyers will have to pay any fees from Paypal.


  • Willing to ship internationally.

  • Based in the U.K, so all prices will be in British pounds {£}.

  • Items will be shipped once I have received payment. After your items are shipped, I am not responsible for them.

  • No refunds or returns.

  • Please leave feedback once you have received your items.

If you have further questions, just ask in this post.

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FMS: Surprise!

12: Magenta - Getting More and More Flustered

Well thank goodness, I should be able to send out any stuff to Canada for sales from tomorrow. And with any luck I'll be shifting a lot of the items I have on hold soon so I can tidy up my sales post.

Of course, the big thing tomorrow is going to see Avenue Q, shall be sooooo awesome!

Meantime, due to the movement of plots and funtimes at SH, I should share this.
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All of the SE Crew: you guys will get your respective character in plush form some day if I have anything to do with it. XD
YGO: Glowing Puzzle Yami

11: Lime - Kinda Close to Lemons

So yeah, spending a good extra twenty minutes in the bathroom attempting to scrub purple dye off my feet; not what I expected to do today. It was my own fault mind you, I should never have worn those felt lined shoes when it was raining so heavily. Of course it was going to bleed onto me, and of course, I wasn't wearing socks.

That tangent makes my weirdness almost normal in comparison. Key word being almost.

I have a family dinner tonight to celebrate my gran's birthday, which shall be nice. I've done all the housework so I just have to dry my hair and tidy up my room. Of course I'm not as motivated to act with all the crazy tagging I've been doing of late for The Love Hotel. Honestly, how does a muse like Amelia from Slayers bring out my enthusiasm for smut? I'm apparently just bizarre I guess, not that I was unaware of that.

I really should just get things done, it'll save me wasted hours checking my inbox for notifs for those threads Why am I so impatient?!, not to mention stopping me from thinking up more idea's for posts. ¬_
PTT: Raven Prince Fakir

10: Gold - Faint Glitters in the Dust

Well, that was not how I wanted to spend a good chunk of my first Friday off work in ages; paranoid and aggravated out of my mind. I spent the majority of the day worrying I would miss the stupid courier that was taking so long to bring the bag I got mum for her birthday. Thankfully it turned up, so I won't have to apologise to her on Sunday. And I've spent the last two hours fighting to get the internet working again, even though it's still glitching now and again. The connection had one of it's fail moments, but I think my laptop might be on the way out too. It's lasted for five years after all, might be worthwhile looking into a new one for my birthday in a couple of months.

The only little release I had earlier was getting my eyebrows done, now looking as nice as my newly cut and dyed hair. It takes forever, but the end result is worth it. Still, lucky I got all this done just as I got paid. I still have to buy Avenue Q and Legally Blonde tickets. Mike better have that money if he wants his friends to go with us or else.

Speaking of shows, Evita was amazing! At the start I was rather unsure, but I was won over. I probably like it for different reasons than other shows, but then again it is very different. It's almost operatic in the lack of dialogue, so it's shorter than other performances due to the constant singing in everything. No wonder, it must be exhausting. As per Andrew Lloyd Webber, I enjoyed the variety in the music, and how it shows different sides to all the characters. Political stories are hard to pull off without leaning too much on one side, but I was pleased to have mixed feelings towards Eva. Yes she obviously made a big impact, but her methods and motives are questionable, and she could be quite bitchy and manipulative to get what she wanted. This is probably what made her death more poignant at the end, at least for me.

And now I have to buy the soundtrack, of course.
S.A: Sleepy Hikari

9: Amber - Warning Lights

Just counting it down now. One more week and I'll have holiday time off work! \o/ Thank God too, it's been a nightmare these past few weeks. I'm coping but it's taken it's toll on things. I just have to keep telling myself this is a part time job, it's not my career. I hope I'll be able to see progress on that sooner rather than later.
It's just hard going, the way things are I know finding work isn't getting much easier, and my family are nudging me about my age. So...when did twenty two going on twenty three qualify as being old? Or spefically too old to be only just getting my first full time job? Maybe I'm idealistic, but I'm not getting a job for the sake of it, just to say I've got one. Particularly not one that pays less than the part time one I have now, or where I know I'll be miserable. Tesco is not perfect, but after five years, it's familiar, I can deal with it.

I can just do what I can for now. I have enough to look forward to at least. Evita in a couple of weeks, then Avenue Q and Legally Blonde. Really, for now I can't complain.~
SK: Horohoro - Movtivating Anger

8: Crimson - Stupid Red Postbox

So yeah, who knew there were limits to the postal service in certain places? Not me. I have a parcel I'll need to have mum drop off on Monday, and hopefully it'll be shipped, since the place in Hillhouse said they can't take something that big, but Hamilton branch can? I know not the logic in that. I could have got up and took it to Burnbank five minutes down the road, but I'm quite sure they're overcharging me. Of the three places I've used to ship manga they always go over the estimates I make, while the other two are usually around the right amount. I'm not taking chances with this parcel anyway, since it's the biggest I've posted yet. And going to the U.S, also the most expensive. Oh well, I've let the person know via comment, so hopefully she'll understand.

Regardless, I can't do anything until then, since there is no postal service on Sunday. I might have been alright if most branches didn't shut half day on Saturdays, but thems the breaks. At least most of my stuff is being shifted, so hopefully I'll have the space cleared out soon. Meanwhile I know I should get job related things done before my parents get all moody and start interrogating me again.

Then there's RP. I've had too much fun messing around with Nice in my musebox and watching Slayers anime seasons so much so I ordered the Try and Evolution - R immediately when I was paid yesterday, as well as general busy times distracting me from SH and Poly. I can make up the posts I'm sure, I just need to get my ass in gear and not procrastinate on posting and tagging. Least of all by my silly idea of writing up stupid little reviews for all the anime I've gone through over the last month. No one will read them, and it's only for my own personal amusement anyway. Still, might motivate me into writing more again. I've got poems I should probably put up on my writing journal as well.

I shall try to convince myself to get this stuff done! If all goes well, the only thing left to deter me of a good day tomorrow is if Father Matthew messes things up for the Children's Liturgy again.
SE: Black Star/Tsubaki

7: Blue - Calm and Clear Again

To celebrate things getting a bit more back to normal, well, as normal as they get for me, let's have a meme!

- Comment with "Hit me!"
- I'll respond by asking you five questions so I can get to know you.
- Update your journal with the answers to the questions.
- Include this explanation in the post and offer to ask other people.

Questions to me from spaceremix 

• Suddenly you find yourself in Sorting Hat! Which house would you be in? Who would you talk to? Which classes would you take? What clubs would you join?
Ack, tough one right away! Um, I'd say it'd be a toss up between Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw for house, and can probably see myself talking to most of my own muses. I seem to always feel best playing with characters I relate to. Outside of them, just about anyone, cause I am a shy dork like that. ^^;; I'd enjoy taking Astronomy, Charms and Divination, and be part of a Book Club that Maka would probably start up at some point. X3
• What is your favorite color?
Specifically; Lilac. Not so specifically; almost any shade of purple.
• If you could live anywhere, where would it be?
Another hard one, but probably New York. There are other place I'd like, but to live around the corner from Broadway, that just seals the deal. ^^
• Who was your favorite singer/band when you were younger (if you can remember!)
I wasn't that into music when I was younger, and I'll admit, I'm nerdy about it now, so I just like what I like. What I do remember enjoying when I was younger was BeWitched, Spice Girls, Bille Piper, and later on Pink. I don't believe I ever had a favourite, but that's what I enjoyed.
• What was the last book you read? Was it interesting? If you could change one thing to make it better what would it be?
Recently I got through 'A Promise of Romance', a BL short novel I bought over LJ, and enjoyed it for it's sweetness and quirky little crossdressing plot, because I enjoy that sort of thing. If I had to change anything, it would be the predictable and stupid trope that is used in these things to move along the plot though it's so unrealistic. Since it's yaoi I'm sure you can guess. *coughrapecough*
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Bbld: Lee - No Wai!

6: Purple - Hazy Background of the Early Hours

Yeah, sleep, what is that?

Since I spent enough time getting all that stuff set up for my sales post, clearly it's normal stay awake, even when I know I have to get up tomorrow to go shopping. Oh well, at least I got something done with my day off work. Hopefully once this bank business with Paypal is sorted I can put up my ad and move some of this manga. I've looked up what I need to know for packaging and shipping, so it shouldn't be too difficult, fingers crossed. If all goes well, I might put up some of my magazine anthologies too, someone's bound to collect them right?

Still, while I got that sorted, I kind of failed with RP again. Activity check is going to be a close call this month...

Let's see, good news of late: Capcom have changed from a 'no' to 'we'll think about it' apparently thanks to fans for AA. I'll be patient and wait and see, it's not like they could get it out anytime soon anyway, the localization takes time.

I also checked up on things and looks like Black Butler will be getting a region two release. Thank you, no unnecessary importing! I did think it odd it wasn't picked up sooner, but oh well, at least it's coming.

On a sadder note:
R.I.P Tokyopop
You gave me some of my first series and fandoms, and I will be forever grateful. I am just sorry you weren't allowed to carry on because the moron in charge didn't do the responsible thing and pass you on to someone who cared, and instead chose to act like a bratty kid and tossed you aside because he got bored. Still, I may hurt less than others since the European branches are still open and working as far as I can tell, though I don't know if that means they'll be able to publish new volumes of existing ongoing series, or if the licences will need to be picked up by someone else. I'll have to hold my breath there and hope that I will be able to get more Hetalia and Kyou Kara Maou!.

Well, maybe I shall distract myself by focusing on getting through my anime pile. Next is either Code Geass or Ghost in the Shell. Hmm, wonder if they'll be able to top the Ray Charles assault to my ears brought by Metropolis?
Lvlss - Ritsuka/Soubi Kiss

5: Pink - Coming Up Roses, maybe?

Well, that was unpleasant. Things conspired against me quite a bit there. After LJ had fixed itself and I could get on to do things, what happens? Virgin Media blanks our connection for half a week, lovely. I managed to get into town and use a university library computer (relieved I still managed to get in despite my break from attending) and update RP folks on the situation, as well as reading on VM forums that the problem was fairly wide spread. I wouldn't mind so much if they had just admitted they were having problems and struggling to fix things, but no. They take forever and still try to make out it might be a problem on our end. Hey idiots, we wouldn't be calling you up if turning off the modem and router then switching it back on worked! I just give them too much credit I suppose, after all it's damn obvious their call centers are in India.

At least it's fixed I suppose, for now, fingers crossed. I'm not even going to snark over it pretty much being sorted right after I trail into Glasgow for internet access, I'm just glad it's sorted out. Wouldn't be so much of a hassle if the public libraries didn't have those stupid filters blocking any website where you're allowed to type something in mind you. Oh well, I needed to buy new headphones anyway.~

Still, I can get down to sorting out selling some stuff off now hopefully, since I have a lot more coming in this week. One good thng about that internet fail was it let me catch up and watch some films and series I've had sitting around for ages. I can give more details later when I get through the rest, and I plan on writing up a fandom post to keep up with my list of stuff I've seen and whatnot.

Speaking of which, a bitter note before I finish this entry...

Capcom, listen to your fans and customers. Don't make me regret paying for a 3DS. Don't take away one of the two series that got me interested in games. I've signed that petition because I don't get anything out of mainstream games that are all about combat. I signed because I don't play first person shooters or fighting games, and I rarely have the time to indulge in RPG's. I play stuff that follows intriguing characters and well written stories, and let's face it, there isn't a lot that fits that criteria. Don't dismiss something that is different and broadens your demographic just because it might not be as viable as more popular genre's. I'm still hoping and waiting, so please listen.

Localise Ace Attorney Investigations 2! And Professor Layton vs Ace Attorney while you're at it!